Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Vega One & Manitoba Harvest

I'm interested in trying this protein supplement as I've noticed that I haven't been getting enough protein in my diet. I've had thinner hair since around the time that I became a vegetarian, and perhaps it is due to the lack of protein in my diet. I've thought back on my eating patterns since then and have realized that I have been getting no where near the amount of protein I should be having - about 50 grams a day.

Recently I have been trying to get more protein into my diet via legumes, almonds, dairy milk and pumpkin seed butter. Yet I find that most days, I am still lacking. To help me get the right amount of protein in my daily diet, I'm going to try adding Vega® Protein & Greens into my nightly drink of milk.

I will be trying the protein powder in Vanilla flavour as it has the least amount of sugar.

I will be reviewing on taste, satisfaction/fullness, any noticeable side effects and benefits. Let me know if there is anything else you would like to know.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Old Spaghetti Factory

I have to give it to them for the generous portion sizes and copious amounts of cheese in their dishes. And their service was excellent.

Alas, the food was less than satisfying.

We were first served bread with garlic butter which was alright. 

Next came my Vegetarian Lasagna (pictured below).

I never thought I would say this but there actually is such a thing as too much cheese! Worse was that the texture of both the pasta and the cheese had a plastic feel and flavour. 

The Spumoni ice cream at the end of was pretty, good. The pistachio flavour was a nice kick.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Meet on Main

This introductory tour through Meet on Main's menu has peaked my interest. 

Ordered the Not-Cho' Average Nacho Fries, Corn Fritters and Sweet Chilli Cauliflower to share with a friend. 

While waiting we enjoyed observing the artwork and deco -a laid-back yet inviting setting.

The Nacho Fries arrived promptly and were an interesting mix of veggies and cheese, but could have used a tad more cheese.

The Corn Fritters were delish! The dish actually comes with 6 Fritters (3 of them went into our mouths before I could take a pic).

The Sweet Chilli Cauliflower was too sour for my liking but my friend really enjoyed it. 

(photo credits to

We had the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls for dessert which turned out to be quite a disappointment, but I still have hope for the other desserts here (I need to remember to stop eating my food before I take the pictures)!!! 

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Globe @ YVR at the Fairmont Airport Hotel

So I came for some afternoon tea at the Fairmont with my friends on a Saturday afternoon. We were greeted and guided to our table with no delay. We ordered our teas which were served to us promptly followed by our goodies (pictured below). I chose the "Fairmont Vancouver Airport Jetsetter” tea which was alright. One of my friend's teas, the "Safari Masala Express," was exceptionally good. The "Fairmont Express`and the "Berry Berry" were alright. What I liked about the teas, was that they were served in a glass jar that allowed us to steep the tea for as long as we like and kept the drinks warm throughout.

The Food

We requested that all our food be vegetarian. The sandwiches were boring and a bit dry. The bagel sandwich was too chewy. The only good thing on this tier was the Curried Egg Salad croissant. 

The Orange and Cranberry Scones were pretty good. They were fresh, flaky, not too sweet and tasted great with the butter and jam.

The sweet stuff were all a bit boring, except for the Opera Slice chocolate cake in the middle. The green tea slice of cake was actually quite bad with a bitter flavour that was very off-putting. 

Overall, the food was not great except for the scones and one of the cakes which were really good and the tea was alright. The service was good, and the place looked nice and high end. However, it isn't really the place I would go for high tea. I would prefer a more homely ambiance. My friends and I decided that we probably won't return just because of the food not being so great. If the food were better, we most likely would have returned.

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

El Camino's

Average review 


Average food 


Good, prompt service and great ambiance.


Won't be returning.

Food is of utmost importance

And El Camino's did not impress. 

The Good: Innovative Food Creations

Just did not pass the Yum test.

The Pao de Queijo

Was filling, but too much filling and nothing special.

The Queso

Was a bit like an egg and cheese sandwich. 

All interesting on paper but average in taste. 

As my friend suggested, perhaps it would all taste better 

With a couple of drinks. 

It's more of a tapas restaurant. 

Not my thing, 

Has potential to be liked by others. 

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

El Caracol Cafe

My Cheesy Little Secret...Shhh

I was considering whether or not I should reveal this recently found treasure to you all because it's quaint and interesting, and I want it all to myself! 

But now that I have gone twice in 3 days, it will be too selfish of me not to share this El Salvadorean Jewel in the dust.

So let's just get to the food stuff:

Tamales de Elote

This was the first thing I had. The vegetarian version is just made with corn, so there was no filling or anything. Kind of like a steamed cornbread. Not my favourite, but my friend had the Chicken Tamale de Elote which was apparently good.

Tortilla Con Queso
The Best! So cheesy and the cheese was so flavourful, there was some kick of spice in the cheese. And the tortilla itself was not some flimsy sheet of dough, but crispy, yet thick. My friend, on the other hand, could not handle the cheese overload.

Pretty much a bean burrito :). So simple yet yummy and filling, especially when I scoop some of the cheese from my Tortilla con Queso onto my Baleada. You gotta try it!!! A good improvement would be to fill it with some cheese.

Atole de Elote
This is a corn-based milk dessert. It tasted a bit like a healthy drink that I should be having to get better from a flu, but my friend sure liked it. Will be trying a non-liquid dessert the next time.

(Photo Credit-didn't take a pic of pupusas, so had to grab one from google images)
What I love about the pupusas here is that there is plenty of cheese to satisfy. However the vegetarian cheese pupusas were lacking in flavour. It would be great if they add some beans or maybe even potatoes along with the cheese in the filling. Maybe I'll request that next time :o, wish me luck! And yes there will be a next time very soon.

The ambiance is nothing special. Interesting to look at, low key, yet homely. Have to grab your own water from the water station, which I don't mind at all. I get my water refilled whenever I need it. Service is good, nothing to complain. The washroom is at the back in the kitchen.

Regardless of how the place looks, the food is definitely worth a visit, so don't miss out!

It's my South American dream come true!!!!


So I returned once again and had the Veggie Enchiladas and it's my new favourite on their menu :).

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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Gurkha Himalayan Kitchen

I like :)

Great service from the waiter who may also be the owner just because he was attentive. We came 30 minutes before the lunch hour closes but he did not hint to us about having to close for lunch like most places would do (can't blame them). Even though the restaurant was busy, the waiter made sure to check on us occasionally. Best part is that when I left my phone here, he actually came after us to return it to me :D.

Dalai Lama Momos (deep-fried) 
I like :)

These were really good. It was vegetarian, yet wholesome and filling. Most restaurants have a hard time making tofu dishes taste good, this one has succeeded. (Another good tofu dish: The Reef's Mo-Ca Burger with Jerk Tofu). 

Palpali Paneer
Don't Like :(

Too creamy and lacking in flavour. Was similar to Shahi Paneer, but definitely not as good.

Tibetan Bun
I don't like :(

I was really expecting more from this bun, but it was just bland and slightly sweet. Kind of like the buns you can get at the Chinese bakeries here, but not as good. My friend, however did enjoy this bun

Will I be back?

I'd like to try the other appetizers on their menu since I've heard good things about them.

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